These unscented Natural Beeswax Skulls make the perfect offering for ancestral altars during Samhain, or any time of year. 

Each purchase is for one skull, choose black or natural gold at checkout. 

  H: 8.2 cm

Burn time approximate 60 hours

Always burn on a heat resistant plate to catch any dripping wax.

For more Safety info please check out our Candle Safety page 



The Significance of Bees:


The Celts regarded bees as a spirit messengers between the two worlds. They believed that bees could travel to the Otherworld and bring back messages from the gods. Celt people also treated bees as family members. They would inform the bee about all the happenings, so they could share information.


In the western isles, people thought that bees carried ancient knowledge from the legends and philosophers. This led to the famous Scottish saying: ‘Ask the wise bee for what the druid knew.’


 in Ireland the bees also are included in to the laws similar to the laws of trees.


The ancient Celts considered beekeeping so important to the livelihood of the people and the fertility of the land that a list of laws and extensive legal rights were devoted solely to bees and beekeepers. Called the “An Bechbretha” in Irish (the Bee Judgements).



Beeswax Skulls