Turnips and Gourds light the way to scare off Stingy Jack and other would be frightening spirits from entering your home.


Blessed with herbs for protection and a pinch of white heather for good spirits to be welcomed in.

These glass lanterns are filled with our signature sparkling wax & a crackling wood wick to add to the ambiance.


in a 8 oz roughly 230 grams Glass gourds

Scent options include


Pumpkin Spice - all the spice that makes a halloween pie tradition complete.

Huanted grounds - a chill in the air, the scent of the bog in the background and the smell of carving Jacks on a dark and spooky night.

Hallows Even- Candied Floral and spicy it's what Halloween should smell like after walking around guizing with all the ghouls.


Your purchase is for one Jack O’ lantern candle.


For Safety info please check out our Candle Safety page 

Jack O' Lantern Candles