Created using the method recorded on the walls of the Temple Philae, with the addition of Rose and labdanum as the final ingredients. A take on the Macedonian influence of the peirod during Cleopatra's rule.

Kyphi has many interpretations, since it was created by temple priests it may have varied per region, temple, and time period.  

There are a couple translations from the temples of Edfu and Philae available that have recently been reviewed and updated by professor Dora Goldsmith. 

Greek kyphi recipes are recorded by Dioscorides, Plutarch, and Galen.


The seventh century physician Paul of Aegina records a "lunar" and a "solar" recipe.

After taking a continual course with Professor Dora, through the School of Lost Arts, I was inspired to create this blend called SubRosa. 
It is an additional offering to my own traditional recipe, and Blue Lotus Recipes that I offer in the shop. 

If you would like to enjoy a night blend Reminiscent of the ancients inspired by Macedonian ruled Egypt this blend is for you. 

Kyphi is a ceremony within itself from creation, to offering to the night temple as an fumatory gift.

The inscriptions confirm Kyphi was the final temple offering of the day (every day), burnt at dusk and into the night.


This listing is for 12 balls of kyphi blend contained in a glass apothecary jar. 

Kyphi Subrosa