This warm, balsamic, ambery leather-like scent is commanding and dominating, a sensual scent use in works that pertain to: 


  • Power and Will

  • Seduction

  • Financial

  • Divination & Intuition

  • Protection

  • Often Associated to Scorpio  or Cancer 

  • Venus


Labdanum is also considered one of the ingredients in the holy Jewish temple incense, "Ktoreth".  Labdanum is one of the forty ingredients needed for the preparation of Chrism or Holy myrrh. It is also one of the ingredients used in Psalm incense.


I often add this to my love drawing oils it is highly animalic and really does add  to your allure. 


More on this resin

It is a very popular perfumers fixative for it's wonderful musk notes. 


in the Thæogonía of Isíodos, it is said that the Gorgon Medusa was seduced by Poseidon in a thicket of spring flowers, which some say were rock-rose, thus the belief that the plant and its resin are sacred to Poseidon.


The ancient Egyptians (used as an ingredient for mummification)

 Etruscans and the Greeks all used labdanum in a number of their preparations. Minoan civilization, evidence suggest of its use as cosmetic and therapeutic, while there are references to Herodotus (in 500 BC).


Another story references a council that took place on Mount Olympus where the gods decided which plants would heal. The gods decreed that Ladania would heal the warriors wounded in battle. The goddesses, however were sure that the plant with the delicate pink flowers would be more suited to beauty, inside and out. As a result, Kistos acquired both therapeutic and cosmetic properties.


 Diosciordes & Pliny the Elder list labdanum among the ingredients of the Royal Unguent. Cistus bushes also grow on the island of Cyprus (Kypris) where there was a large temple to Aphrodite in the ancient world that included a perfumery, and the resin was used in their blends and burned as an offering at her altars.


There's deep history here in many civiliztions. 

It is by far one on the top of my lists of resins. 



You purchase will come in a glass jar,  and is sold by weight of 10 grams per jar.